City, Country, Pleasure

The Regionalverband Saarbrücken

For the past 20 years the "Regionalverband Saarbrücken" has used this slogan in connection with the partnership to Lehigh County, PA, as publicity for the region. What exactly is it that makes this region, boarding directly on France, so interesting? Just where is its charm and why is this region so attractive and fascinating for its guests?

The image of the "Regionalverband" has essentially changed since the foundation of its partnership with Lehigh County. For example: in the beginning of the 80s ,coal and steel industries determined the economical, provincial and urban development Situation in this region. Today the picture has changed. The "Stadtverband" embedded in a hilly landscape of green consists of many picturesque and interesting towns and communities füll of live and active culture. This is the "Regionalverband" today!

Naturally, you can evidence examples of economical hi-story, an example of which is the world cul-tural heritage "Völklinger Hütte". You will encounter signi-ficant architec-tural and monumental works, proof of a changing history. Let yourself be captured in a region filled with interesting museums, music, theatre, dance, cabarets and large festivals. Enjoy life in our pubs and cafes, in bistros and restaurants, all with a little touch of „French flair"!

What kind of people are the 350.000 inhabitants living in 10 towns and communities of the "Regionalverband Saarbrücken"? They are enthusiastic, happy, contented and fun loving peopel. No other words could describe them better! The region Saarbrücken has everything necesserary for a metropolis. The only difference is its simplicity, fami-liarity, intimacy and not to forget its weak points which probably make the "Regionalverband" even more likeable.

These should be reasons enough to take a trip across the Atlantic and visit the "Regionalverband Saarbrücken", then the German-Pennsylvania Friendship Committee will show you the way.